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Rooms feature a rich brown duvet on the beds, adjustable reading lights, an LG flatscreen TV, a small fridge, microwave, and a bright turquoise lamp that serves as an accent piece. There are 20 connecting rooms throughout the whole hotel, with two sets that connect three rooms. "So, it's perfect for a bridal party looking to be together or a soccer team here for the weekend for a tournament," Tiede said. The hotel also features a large pool and fitness center. Hackworth said there are plans in the works to add a splash pad fixture near the pool for children. Since opening earlier this week, Tiede said the management team has given several tours. "We had a mom come in who actually had her wedding here when it was a Holiday Inn, and now she's looking at it for her daughter's high school graduation party," she said. The hotel has been active on Facebook, engaging with potential customers and sharing photos of the renovated property. It has garnered nearly 700 followers.

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Google Play It's a sign of maturity that conveys you're living in an adult space now, not a dorm room. You spend about a third of your life in bed, too, which is all the more reason to cough up the money for something as essential to your home as sheets. If you decide to skip the trip to the mall and go the direct-to-consumer route, which is traditionally more cost-efficient for companies and consumers alike, there are some great options to consider Parachute is one of them. Parachute sells great-looking, no-fuss, luxury bedding at a reasonable price. To give you an idea, it's queen-sized Venice sheet sets retail for $299 (for percale and sateen ) and $399 (for linen ) and include a duvet cover, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. That's a considerable amount less than industry standards like Frette, which markup sheets by as much as 220%, according to The Wall Street Journal . "You might also be surprised to learnthat half of Parachutes customers are male"founder and CEO Ariel Kaye told Business Insider.This can probably beattributed to Parachute's "minimal style and natural color palette, which appeals to both men and women." The queen-size Sateen Venice Sheet Set in Navy retails for $299.Parachute The neutral sheetscomplement a variety of design aesthetics; they're also amazingly comfortable this is going to be the most important factorfor the majority of shoppers. Since not everyone is knowledgeable about the vagaries of fabrics, though, we asked Kayeto break down the differences among the brand's percale, sateen, and linen sheets, and who they'd be most suited to: Our percale is cool and crisp to the touch we often compare it to the perfect white button down shirt. This fabric goes through a stonewashed process which gives it a soft texture and a more casual appearance. Percale is also very breathable, making it appropriate for hot sleepers, and it will get softer with continued use. Many brands use synthetic finishes to expedite this process, but this is something we have chosen to avoid.

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Its Triad and Research Triangle areas could get up to 9 inches of snow, while a foot could fall on northeastern North Carolina. "Whenever snow comes people get really excited. I'm a little excited," said Donovan Cheatham, who studies music at North Carolina Central University and plays in jazz bands. He and roommate Collin Williams said if they get snowed in, they may miss a paying gig but will jam anyway Collins on alto saxophone and Cheatham on drums. "Practice. We'll get a lot of practice in," Williams said. Lauren Rathbone, manager of Public Hardware in Durham, North Carolina, said the store sold out of more than 100 sleds Friday, along with bags and bags of ice melt to treat driveways and walks. "At the beginning, it's ice melt and sleds. Closer to it when people start realizing it's going to be super cold, they'll start working on kerosene heaters, kerosene wicks ... Probably Saturday somebody's going to be out of electricity, and they'll start working on lamps," she quipped. A blizzard warning for southeast Virginia accompanied forecasts of up to a foot of snow there.