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Bruno Benjamin, president of the Marseilles branch of the CRIF umbrella group of French Jewish communities, called Fillons statement clumsy but not unusual during campaigns. He added: Im not about to polemicize what Fillon said. His forgiving attitude was unusual for his organization, which is usually quick to denounce any expression of bias against Jews. Fillons statement, however, did alarm some French Jews. Following his landslide victory in the primaries with 65 percent of the vote, Fillon is poised to become president. In May he will be running against a yet-undeclared candidate from the ruling party of President Francois Hollande, an uncharismatic candidate with dismal approval ratings amid discontent over Islamism and economic stagnation. Fillon, with his charged statements on Islam he has said that French Muslims who engage in Islamic totalitarianism cannot be considered truly French will also be running against Le Pen, who is projected to win 25 percent of the vote. But his firm stance is likely to be very bad news for her, said Zerbib, joining other commentators who expect that Fillon will steal many of her would-be voters. The remark on Jewish sectarianism a reference, apparently, to the Napoleonic-era bargain in which Jews accepted emancipation in exchange for declaring themselves first and foremost French citizens is not the first time that Fillon, a hard-liner and ex-prime minister under former President Nicolas Sarkozy from 2007 to 2012, has taken aim at Jewish customs. In 2012, Jewish and Muslim groups condemned him for telling Europe1 that minorities need to abandon ancestral traditions and ritual slaughter to adapt in the modern world and science. Fillons spokesman said this week that his boss was misunderstood and had wished to express his opposition to all forms of religious fundamentalism, especially by Muslims. The Jews of France are French like the Christians of France are French and the Muslims of France are French, except for those who partake in Islamic sectarianism, in Islamic totalitarianism, which needs to be fought against, said the spokesman, Jerome Chartier. Benjamin said he found the clarification satisfactory. Zerbib disagreed, saying I think Fillon needs to clarify what he meant by his statement and his positions on religious freedoms in general. Fillons apparent suspicion or disdain for religious customs fits into the French concept of laicite, a strict form of secularism.

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