Some Guidance On Vital Issues In Shoes

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Adidas Both Nike and Adidas have plenty going for them, but one stock clearly stands as the better stock to buy right now. Andrew Tonner Oct 19, 2016 at 1:09PM Image source: Nike As two of the largest competitors in the $320 billion global market for athletic footwear and apparel, Nike ( NYSE:NKE ) and Adidas ( NASDAQOTH:ADDYY ) are no strangers on the gridiron that is the business world. In the earlier part of this decade, Nike had seemingly solidified its place as the top dog in the athletic-apparel market, while Adidas' market share fell. It seemed Adidas simply couldn't keep pace against more innovative American rivals like Nike and Under Armour. However, the past year has represented something of a reversal of fortunes at Adidas, its stock price has rallied impressively in the past 12 months. NKE data by YCharts . Considering their divergent paths in the past year or so, which sportswear stock is the better buy today -- Nike or Adidas? Let's examine several of the most important aspects of any investment to find out. Financial fortitude On the whole, both Adidas and Nike seem to enjoy relatively stable financial fundamentals.

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